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Terms & Conditions

Please Note the Following Terms & Conditions

The conditions below form essential terms of the vehicle hire contract. Acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms is a condition of hire and the customer is deemed to have accepted them upon submission of the application form.

All bookings are subject to a deposit of one hour at full rate and full payment is to be made 7 days prior weddings and formal events.

The cars are charged out from the time they are booked until they are no longer required by the hirer. The fees include decorations and driver. The sliding scale price table refers to consecutive hours only, it does not apply to split bookings.

Please note there is a 20% ($100 minimum) fuel surcharge for delivery outside City of Gold Coast area. All pricing is exclusive of GST.

We reserve the right to charge for unexpected overtime in 30-minute increments at the appropriate hourly rate. This will be done via credit card where applicable, although cash on the day is acceptable.

We understand that wedding's often run late and to prevent clashes we always allow a significant period between bookings. However, we reserve the right to terminate bookings running over 45 minutes late. We will only exercise this right where we have a later commitment. If we have a later commitment we will advise you in advance.

We make every endeavour to ensure that our vehicles are in excellent condition both visually and mechanically through regular detailing and frequent servicing. All drivers have passenger service licenses and all vehicles have a current Warrant of Fitness and Certificate of Fitness, however it is a condition of our service that Excalibur Cars accepts no liability for loss, injury or damage to passengers or their property as a result of mechanical failure, accident or driver negligence beyond the cost of hire which will be fully refunded if such an occurrence has a significant impact on the relevant event.

The customer acknowledges that Classic cars are subject to an increased risk of breakdown and mechanical failure and It is a condition of service that the customer accepts the responsibility for this risk in exchange for the aesthetic amenity that a classic car provides. Accordingly, in the event of a breakdown, Excalibur Cars will not be held liable for missed appointments, time-dependent bookings and associated costs beyond the cost of hire and provision of alternative transport (where possible).

Please Note*

We Reserve the right to use photographs for publicity purposes. Please advise us upon booking if you or your party don't wish to be included in our advertising promotions.

The contract between Excalibur Cars and the customer primarily concerns the provision of transport services and not leisure, recreation or entertainment.

It is vital that you read and understand our terms and conditions before making a booking.